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Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Dr. Antonia Rothmayr
Wintersemester 2017
Wintersemester 2016
Rothmayr, A. (2009). The Structure of Stative Verbs. Unknown publisher.
Rothmayr, A. Skriptum zur VO Generative Grammatik
Kallulli, D., & Rothmayr, A. (2008). The Syntax and Semantics of Indefinite Determiner Doubling Constructions in Varieties of German. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics, 11(2), 95-136.
Rothmayr, A. (2008). It takes two, baby! CAUSE and the prerequisite of eventivity. in Proceedings of ConSOLE XV - Conference of the students' association of linguistics in Europe Unknown publisher.
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Kallulli, D. (AutorIn), & Rothmayr, A. (AutorIn). (2006). Determiner Doubling in Bavarian German.
Rothmayr, A. (2005). The helping-effect of dative case. in Unknown host publication title (S. 203-208). Unknown publisher.

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