Affirmative Action for Women in Philosophy: A Conversation with Elisabeth Holzleithner and Tarja Knuuttila

28.10.2019 19:00 - 22:00

Café Korb (Art Lounge) | Brandstätte 7-9, 1010 Wien


A recent report (see also) by the Gender Equality & Diversity Unit of the University of Vienna paints a clear picture: Women remain conspicuously underrepresented in the higher ranks of academia. In philosophy especially, the percentage of women drops dramatically on the way up the ladder. A worrying status quo that affirmative action policies are supposed to counteract, but what are the theoretical implications on the one hand and the practical realities on the other? 

Join us for a couple of drinks and a conversation with Tarja Knuuttila & Elisabeth Holzleithner on the cans and cannots of affirmative action opposing the glass ceiling, leaky pipelines and gender bias.

About the Salon

With the salon we aim to create a space where philosophers - women like ourselves or others underrepresented in the field - can connect on a regular basis. In an informal setting we wish to encourage exchange and reflection on topics addressing concerns and difficulties encountered in the academic day-to-day, in the hope of facilitating not only learning mise en discours, but also to nurture a closer community between us that bridges across philosophical subdisciplines and academic rank.

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