Vortragsreihe: Wiener Kolloquium Analytische Philosophie - Katharina Felka "Slurs as asides"

12.04.2018 16:00 - 15:02

16-18 Uhr, NIG, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien, 3A, 3.Stock

Slurs as asides

Abstract: In this talk I develop a variant of a conventional implicature view, which combines Bach’s thesis that the derogative contribution of a slur is comparable to the contribution of a side remark with Pott’s analysis of side remarks. In doing so, I firstly point out the difficulties for (genuinely) semantic and pragmatic views about slurs. Secondly, I develop a conventional implicature view and show how this view can avoid the difficulties. Finally, I defend the developed view against objections raised in the literature.

Katharina Felka, University of Zürich