Wiener Kreis: The Lewis-Carnap Aufbau - How Carnap and Lewis might have constructed the world again

19.06.2018 17:00 - 19:00

Alte Kapelle, Campus der Universität Wien, 1090 Wien

26th Vienna Circle Lecture 

with David Chalmers (NYU)

David Chalmers is a philosopher at
New York University. Officially he is
University Professor of Philosophy
and Neural Science and co-director
of the Center for Mind, Brain, and
Consciousness. He is also Honorary
Professor of Philosophy (as of
2018) at the Australian National
University and co-director of the
PhilPapers Foundation. He is
interested in the philosophy of mind
(especially consciousness) and the
foundations of cognitive science,
as well the philosophy of language,
metaphysics and epistemology,
and many other areas.


Rudolf Carnap’s Der logische
Aufbau der Welt famously builds a
construction of the world starting
from an “autopsychological” basis
involving structures of phenomenal
similarity. In a letter to Moritz Schlick
in 1927, Carnap suggested that he
might write a second volume of the
Aufbau that starts from a physical
basis instead. Carnap never carried
out this project, however. I will argue
that the core materials for Carnap’s
second Aufbau (a structuralist
analysis of physics and a definitionbased
reduction of everything else
to this structure) can be found in the
work of David Lewis, and that this
second Carnap-Lewis Aufbau might
have avoided many of the objections
directed at the first.