Academic Writing Workshop: Writing Productivity and Writing Flow by Claudia Macho


15:00-16:00, room 3A, NIG

We are pleased to kick off the first VDP Writing Evening in summer semester on the 6th of march 2023 with a one-hour writing workshop from Claudia Macho on “Academic Writing: Writing Productivity and Writing Flow”

Dr. Claudia Macho is an experienced trained academic writing and mental coach. She accompanies PHD-students and researchers in challenging writing projects and has been leading courses on academic writing at universities in Austria and abroad for almost 10 years.

During the workshop on Writing Productivity and Writing Flow, Claudia Macho offers techniques and strategies for productive academic writing that can benefit PhD researchers as well as master students. This workshop not only promotes productivity; individual concentration and focus issues that you may encounter can also be addressed during the workshop. The event is designed to help doctoral students reflect on and optimize their writing flow.

These insights gained during the workshop can then be applied to your own text projects. After the 60-minutes workshop, participants have time to apply their knowledge in three writing sessions during the VDP Writing Evening, taking place after the workshop from 16:00 to 20:00h.