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Assignment of Erasmus+ places

There are a few remaining places available for the 2023 summer semester. The application deadline at our institute is October 5, 2022; Your application must be uploaded to Mobility Online. From September 15, 2022, you will find the free places here.

The main allocation phase for the 2023/24 academic year will again be between mid-January and the beginning of March 2023.

For further information on places available within your course of study, please visit 

Digital info sessions by the International Office:

ONLINE Live Info Sessions during the winter semester 2022/23:



General information regarding the application procedure

a.) Am I eligible for an application?

Applications are possible for BA-, MA-, and teacher training students. The date of your application will have no effect on the nomination process, as long as the application is summited in time – i.e. first come, first serve does not apply! 


b.) How do I apply?

Two steps need to be considered in order to register:

1. Set up an application in Mobility Online. Mobility Online is the online tool in which applications can be created and are administered. In the process of creating your application, you will be asked to upload your application documents.  

2. After successful registration you then need to apply directly via e-mail to the Erasmus-Coordinator for Outgoing-Students at the Department of Philosophie: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Olivier Ribordy, MA ( Submit your application documents here as well.


c.) What documents do I need to attach to my application?

Documents needed are a CV, transcript of records, language certificate*, a letter of motivation (2 pages at most) and proof of identity (passport, identity card, no driver's licence).

*About the Language Certificate:

A language certificate is needed for all applications to non-German universities. For Italian, Spanish, French and English speaking countries a level of at least B1 or B2 in the respective language is typically needed. Concerning our Eastern and Northern European partner universities a good grasp of English will suffice. You can find information about each university's required language level in the information on the relevant Erasmus Agreement in Outgoing Portal.


d.) Which partner universities can I apply for?

Applications are possible for up to three different universities (please make sure to include your preferences in your letter of motivation).

An overview over our partner universities can be found here: Liste der Studienorte (pdf) and Mobility Online Portal.

Please note: There are only remainder places for summer term 2023. More information can be found on top of this page. The application deadline is October 5th, 2022.

Further information can be found here and on the website of the International Office.


Who to contact

For outgoing students

Olivier Ribordy | e-mail:

Please note: for questions concerning learning agreements and the acknowledgement of credits obtained at your host university, please contact the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) of Philosophy at the email address


For incoming students

Lubomir Dunaj | e-mail:


Internships abroad

The Erasmus program also offers the possibility to do an internship in another European country from the duration of 2-12 months. Erasmus+ internships come with a monthly stipend. Applications for these are made directly to the International Office at the University of Vienna.

Further information for study visits and internships can be found here:

Please note that in order to submit a request to the International Office, it is necessary to clarify in advance the recognition of credits earned in philosophy courses at the host university (see above). For this purpose, please contact the StudyServiceCenter (SSC) of Philosophy at the following email address

More information on the topic of school internships ("Schulpraktikum") abroad can be found on the German-language website: