APSE-CEU-IVC Talks Sommerterm 2022

Nadja El Kassar will give a talk on "Approaches to Ignorance" in the context of the APSE lecture series. The talk series is jointly organized by Sophie Veigl, Martin Kusch and members of the APSE group.

Details: Thursday, May 4th, 3-5pm, HS 2H, NIG


"Approaches to Ignorance"
In my talk I distinguish three approaches to ignorance, more particularly, approaches to dealing with ignorance: virtue epistemologist, consequentialist and deontological approaches. I spell out a virtue epistemologist approach following Socrates, a consequentialist approach following William James and a deontological approach following Immanuel Kant. On that basis I discuss these approaches and argue that a maxim-based deontological approach is most promising.

Feel free to share the attached poster with your students and other interested people. All welcome!