Conference "Political Theory and the Question: What is Humankind"

13th August and 17th-19th August 2022

On August 13 and August 17-19, 2022, a conference will be held at the University of Vienna entitled: "Political Theory and the Question: What is Humankind?"

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Please note that the opening lecture for this conference will already be given on August 13 by Natasha A. Kelly at 6 p.m. c. t. at the University of Vienna, NIG, Room: Lecture Hall 3C; the other lectures will then take place in the same room from August 17-19, starting at 10 a.m. c. t. each day.

At the center of this conference is the question of the interrelationship between political struggles and images of humanity. Is there not a certain idea of what people are - or should be - more or less hidden in every political position? And, conversely, does not every conviction - and not only philosophical ones - about what human beings are - or should be - logically lead to political consequences? In short: Is not every anthropology always also political, and every politics always also anthropological? From this point of view, struggles for equal rights of marginalized groups, for example, are in the last consequence at the same time struggles for the expansion of the scope of human life worthy of recognition.