FoNTI Workshop "Responsibility & AI"

12.05.2022 - 13.05.2022


  • Thursday 12.05.2022    10.00-13.00    Hörsaal 3B NIG
  • Thursday 12.05.2022    15.00-17.30    Hörsaal 2H NIG
  • Friday     13.05.2022     10.00-16.30    Hörsaal 3D NIG

Workshop description:
Responsibility is a fundamental pillar of democratic societies. We the people have a right to demand an explanation for decisions made by responsible agents. And such agents need to be able to answer why they decided as they did. The practice of ascribing responsibility is woven into our social fabric. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) invites to re-examine our notion and practice of responsibility. AI systems assist judges, make recommendations about loan approvals, or help social workers make decisions on whether a child is in immediate danger of abuse. But in which sense can we ascribe responsibility to an AI system? If we cannot, who owes an answer to the people upon whom a decision is made? Does the interaction with AI call for a revision of how we practice responsibility? In particular, does AI challenge the right to explanation? And how can we explain how the AI arrived at its decision in the first place? These are but a few questions we will discuss in this workshop.

This workshop is organised by Laura Crompton, Mario Günther (LMU, MCMP), and Mark Coeckelbergh.
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The workshop will be held as an in-person event. If you would like to participate, please send an Email to beforehand.