Trans*Formations 16.1. – Talk by Luce deLire and Film by Isa Schieche

The talk will be in English, the film is in German with English subtitles.

The first Trans*Formations event:
Trans Philosophy is one of the most exciting 'new' strands of philosophical theorizing, and we are happy to host the first event on the topic at the University of Vienna.

Luce deLire

(formerly John Hopkins University,

Talk:"Can The Transsexual Speak?".

Abstract: On September 14, 2021 Ella Nik Bayan set herself on fire at Berlin Alexanderplatz, Germany. She died shortly after. On February 2, 2024, the German government will most probably pass a new 'Self-Determination Law' (Selbstbestimmungsgesetz) which promises to simplify transition related changes of name and gender identity markers in legal documents. In my talk, I use these two examples to present what I call 'the transsexual contract': Trans and non-binary self determination is (often violently) incapacitated by means of concrete legal, political and epistemological arrangements. This is the case even in left wing art, activism and allegedly 'progressive' legislation. Allegedly, the transsexual contract protects cis people from trans propaganda and from their own confusion. Yet in reality, its main goal is the production and control of cis people. One is not born cis, but becomes cis. With a post-colonial lens, I suggest queer hospitality as a concrete practice to unlearn this toxic logic of protection.

After a Q&A with Luce deLire, we will watch the film

"Die Räuberinnen" (2023) by Austrian filmmaker Isa Schieche,

who recently also received the Goldene Medusa Award for this film.(More Info:

The talk will be in English, the film is in German with English subtitles.

There will be popcorn, snacks and drinks to round off the event!

When? Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 from 15:00 to 16:30
Where? HS 3F, Institute of Philosophy, NIG (Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna)