VerDrag Euch! / Be tender with each other!


I would like to invite you to "VerDrag Euch!" on Friday 27.01.23 at Hörsal 3D. Vol.2 (in German and English). It starts 18:30, from 18:15 you can enter the room and we ask for registration at, the space is limited.

From the attached invitation text:

"We want to enter a conversation. A confusion of words and theses that becomes a common murmur, a resounding together, in which many things can be found; questions, criticism, reproaches, challenges, consternation, rethinking, solidarity, trouble, defiance, anger – several kinds of feelings – and above all change. Change of ourselves, of others, of the structures, of what we could imagine as tangible. Because liberation must no longer be considered a scarce commodity. [...]
Through this evening of emotional critique, critique aroused by feelings, and critique evoking feelings, the Queen of Power and the Royal Squad against Toxic Masculinity, consisting of Xena (Anna Gaberscik), Whoop! (Luis Javier Murillo Zuñiga), Oshimiri (Emily Chychy Joost) and Witch Snake (Ina Holub), will guide us.  It is about how to recover life’s grace, how to recover our life, knowledge and feeling, starting from, and inspired by the strength, the beauty, and the grace of what is presented. Snatch it from the dead claws of the institution, with all our possible power and grace."