Workshop Day with Jason Stanley

22nd of July in lecture room 3D (NIG)

The Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy is excited to announce a workshop day with guest speaker Jason Stanley (Yale University)! The workshop is going to take place on the 22nd of July in lecture room 3D (NIG). Professor Stanley is going to give a keynote talk on the topic of “The Foundations of Propagandistic Speech”.

In addition, five graduate student from the University of Vienna are going to present their work within the areas of applied philosophy of language and epistemology. You can find more information on the presentations as well as the schedule at

The workshop is going to take place in a hybrid format and is open to everyone interested - no prior registration is needed! We especially encourage philosophy students interested in political philosophy, philosophy of language, and epistemology to attend, as this will be a great oppurtunity to learn about recent topics in these areas as well as get in touch with great people working on them.