Information about opportunities for scholars and students from Ukraine

We, the members of the Philosophy Department of the University of Vienna, stand in solidarity with everybody affected by the war in Ukraine. We have hosted four Ukrainian scholars since last spring. Sadly, at the moment, we do not have the funds to continue this form of support. But here is some important information for students and academics about current opportunities in Austria and at the University of Vienna.

Opportunities offered by some Austrian scientific institutions specifically for Ukrainian refugees:

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)
Here you find information about current conditions of entry and residence for Ukrainian citizens, about support services for refugee families, about the assessment of foreign qualifications in Austria, as well as information about current scholarships and grants for Ukrainian students and researchers. See for example: Ernst Mach Grant

Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD)
On this page, the OeAD has collected information about scholarships, projects funding, support agencies and much more. It includes helpful practical information, e.g. a video (in Ukrainian) on how to prepare application documents, or information about German courses, the Austrian educational system, and the recognition of foreign qualifications in the EU. The OeAD reviews and updates this information on a regular basis.

Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Unfortunately, the Austrian Science Fund has exhausted the financial resources available for supporting Ukrainian scholars. Still, you may want to consult the dedicated website from time to time in order to check whether new resources have become available: 

Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) “The IWM has expanded its fellowship opportunities for Ukrainian scholars, cultural figures, and public intellectuals. Fellowships are awarded as residential, non-residential, or hybrid, according to fellows’ needs and preferences, lasting from one to six months, depending on the project. They will fall primarily under the auspices of the IWM’s Ukraine in European Dialogue program but may also include other existing IWM fellowship programs.”

Inquiries, including a CV and a one-page project proposal, should be sent to:   


Further opportunities offered by scientific institutions specifically for Ukrainian refugees:

Science for Ukraine

Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk offers grants for which you can apply jointly with an Austrian hosting institution:


Grants, fellowships and vacancies for academics in Austria and beyond:

Apart from the schemes set up specifically for Ukrainians, there are grants and fellowships for academics in Austria, and sometimes also from abroad, that you can apply for. Information can be found

We also recommend subscribing to mailing lists such as PHILOS-L for advertisements of vacancies.