Information about opportunities for scholars and students from Ukraine

We, the members of the Philosophy Department of the University of Vienna, would like to express our solidarity with everybody affected by the war in Ukraine, and we would like to inform, in particular, students and academics about some opportunities in Austria, in Vienna, and especially at our Department.


General Information

On the following websites you can find information about the opportunities offered by some Austrian scientific institutions:

  • FWF (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung / Austrian Science Fund)

    “Ukrainian researchers will get initial financial security and the opportunity to continue their scientific work…in close interaction with colleagues throughout Austria. Crisis support for Ukrainian researchers may be provided for all career levels and research fields (e.g. postdocs, PhD students, technical assistants, etc.) for up to 12 months and no more than two persons per project.
    Please see below for information about some FWF projects at the Philosophy Department you could apply for.
  • Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaft / Austrian Academy of Sciences:
    For Ukrainian citizens affiliated with a research institution (see also next point). Duration: up to 4 months; salary 2700 euros.
  • University of Vienna
    Please note that this website is regularly updated! In particular, some more initiatives for doctoral students are expected to be announced soon:

    can easily obtain the status “Research Fellow“ at our Faculty by writing an email to the office of the Dean of the Faculty for Philosophy and Education. This will give you an email-address, access to the library and to computer rooms at the University of Vienna:
  • Institute for Human Sciences / Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM)“
    The IWM has expanded its fellowship opportunities for Ukrainian scholars, cultural figures, and public intellectuals.
    Fellowships are awarded as residential, non-residential, or hybrid, according to fellows’ needs and preferences, lasting from one to six months, depending on the project. They will fall primarily under the auspices of the IWM’s Ukraine in European Dialogue program but may also include other existing IWM fellowship programs.
    Inquiries, including a CV and a one-page project proposal, should be sent to”   


Furthermore, on the following websites you will find opportunities in Austria and beyond:

If you want to apply in the field of human and social sciences and you need help with the forms, please contact Paul Helfritzsch:


Specific Opportunities at the Department of Philosophy

Ongoing FWF-Projects at the Department of Philosophy

Here you find a list of FWF-projects running at our department. They are open to applications according to the funding program of the FWF (see above). If you are interested to join, please email the contact person.

  • FWF Project:
    Is Meaning a Response-Dependent Property?
    Contact person: Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum
    The project deals with the meaning of language utterances. The following branches of philosophy are all related to the project topic:
    ·       Metaphysics
    ·       Philosophy of language
    ·       Philosophy of mind
    ·       Logic and philosophy of logic
    ·       Epistemology
    ·       Philosophy of perception
    ·       Philosophy of action
    ·       Historical work in these areas is equally helpful
    The project is happy to host two researchers in these areas whose salaries would be covered by the FWF. Additionally, it will be happy to support applications for “research fellow” status at the University of Vienna for researchers who are not directly members of the project but work in related fields.
  • FWF Project:
    Giving Groups a Proper Say. The Pragmatics and Politics of Group Speech
    Contact person: Leo Townsend
    The project involves philosophy of language, social epistemology and social ontology
  • FWF Project:
    (Musical) Improvisation & Ethics
    Contact person: Joshua Bergamin
    As an interdisciplinary project, we are quite open about the academic background of any potential new collaborator, so long as their work intersects meaningfully with our topic '(Musical) Improvisation and Ethics'. As the name suggests, we are looking at the ethical phenomena that manifest during group improvisation, as well as what light the practice of improvisation can shed on ethical issues.
    Central themes are virtue ethics, the role of habit, 4E cognition, intuition and action, and of course, improvisation.
  • FWF Project (2021-2025):
    Carnap in Context III: 'practical' philosophy in the US
    Contact person: Christian Damböck
    The project is concerned with Carnap's work during his time in the US (1936-1970) and it also works out several editorial tasks: Carnap's diaries, his Correspondence, and material from the Carnap nachlass is processed in VALEP ( Thus, in my view we could apply in the FWF format for Ukrainian scientists for a scholar who is able to do either historical research on Carnap or work on some aspects of our editorial tasks that might include database processing and/or work on the diaries or the correspondence. For the editorial tasks regarding diaries and correspondence German language skills would be necessary; for the VALEP tasks and systematic research on Carnap in the US it would be sufficient to be fluent in English (though German language skills might be also helpful here).
  • FWF Project:
    Deduction in early German idealism (Maimon, Reinhold, and Fichte)
    Contact person: Stefan Lang
    Persons who have worked on Leibniz, Spinoza, Wolff, Kant, Reinhold, Maimon, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, etc. are welcome to join the project.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge of English or German (unless the FWF imposes no restrictions in this regard).
    We would like to try to recruit a position for one year.
  • FWF Project (2019-2023):
    Revenge of the Sacred: Phenomenology and the Ends of Christianity in Europe
    Contact person: Jason Wesley Alvis
    The ideal candidates would work in topics related to philosophy of religion or philosophical theology.

Applying for positions in Vienna

Applications for FWF-projects may require that you are already in Austria and have an official residence permit. If you need initial help in Vienna, including help in getting the necessary official documents to stay, you can find it on the following website: (BBU, Bundesagentur für Betreuungs- und Unterstützungsleistungen).

Students may want to contact the Austrian Students’ Union for getting support: