Jitsi Manual

General Information:

Jitsi, a tool for video conference calls, can be used in multiple ways. The current manual describes the connection through:

Some tips:

  • Browser: The best browser to use Jitsi in is Google Chrome. Jitsi works also with Firefox, although occasionally problems are encountered.
  • An internet connection that is too slow can lead to lags in video and audio transmission, occasionally the connection can be terminated.
  • If Jitsi doesn't work with one of the described posibilities, try another one (the respective server could be overloaded) 
  • Using Jitsi through a smartphone app is only recommended for joining already existing conferences. At the moment is it not possible to  set a password for the conference (however, you can type in the password for an already existing conference) 
  • To ensure a fluid transmission of video, you can also change the video quality, for example to "Standard definition": click on the symbol with three dots right below, choose "Manage video quality" and you can set the quality with the slider


Server of the University of Vienna

Enter the following URL in the browser: https://jm.cc.univie.ac.at

Now, enter a name for your conference in the white field under the words „Start a new meeting”. Please note that the following cannot be used and lead to a error message:

  • Umlauts
  • Spaces between the words
  • special characters

Click on „GO“. You will now receive a notification that Jitsi would like to access your camera and microphone. You should grant this access. 

If you're starting a new conference (one that is started by you), you have to click on „I am the host“.

If you're not already logged into University of Vienna on another tab, via Shibboleth, (if you've recently used another University of Vienna service and did not log out), you will be redirected to the usual log-in window of the university of Vienna. Enter your u:account profile name and password.

You now see either what your camera is recording or, if you don't have camera or did not grant permissions to your camera, a light grey symbol on a dark grey background with your initials on it.

Enter a name: click on the three points right below for "Settings" and enter: „Set your display name“.

Set a password: Please set a password so that noone uninvited joins your conference by mistake: 

  1. Click on the symbol  „i“ right below
  2. Choose  „Add Passwort“
  3. Enter a password and press "Enter"

Share this link and the password with the participants of your conference (for example by E-Mail).

When other participats join and and would like to participate actively, and not only listen to the conference, they have to at least grant permissions to the microphone. If they have a camera and give permissions to it, you will also be able to see them.

Some buttons of interest (below, right to left):

  • Camera: This button turns off the camera and shows the intials of the caller instead. A repeated click will reactivate the camera.
  • Red phone: A click on the red phone will make the participant leave the conference.
  • Microphone: This button turns the microphone on and off. This is useful for example if someone enters the room, speaks with you and you don't wish this conversation to be transmitted.

  • Chat: In addition to the Videoconference, it is also possible to chat. If you click on the chat logo, a window for the chat will open.
  • Desktop-Sharing: You can share your screen with other participants, for example if you would like to show them a Powerpoint presentation. You will be asked if you would like to share your screen. This function works best in Google Chrome.

Connection through the official Jitsi Website

Open this URL in the Browser: https://meet.jit.si

After this, follow the same steps as when using Jitsi through the Server of the University of Vienna. However, after clicking "I am the host", you will not be forwarded to the Login screen of the University of Vienna.  

Please note that you should set a password and share that password and the URL of the conference with all the participants.

Connection through an App on a Smartphone/Tablet

  1. First, you have to install the Jitsi App on your Smartphone/Tablet: In both Apple App Store and Google Play Store,  Jitsi is available as "Jitsi Meet" and can be installed from there.
  2. Now start the App and go to the upper line with the text ("Konferenzname eingeben" or "Enter room name") and enter the adress of the Jitsi Conference.
    Note: If you are the Host, you can't set a password through the App at the present moment.  Setting a password is only possible in the browser based Jitsi service.
  3. If you want to join an already existing conference at the server of the University of Vienna, (if you see "univie.ac.at" in the URL), enter the full URL.
    If you want to join a Jitsi conference that is not hosted at the University of Vienna, and instead on the official Jitsi server, enter only the name of the conference.
    If you got a link to the conference, you can simply click on it. 
  4. After this, the conference will be opened in the Jitsi Meet App 
  5. You will now be asked if you want to grant permissions to the Camera and Microphone. Please answer "Yes".