Mag. Dr. Monika Gruber
Gruber, M, Sahlin, NE, Stjernberg, F & Stenwall, R 2023, 'Ramsey on Judging and Believing.', Logique et Analyse.

Gruber, M, Sahlin, NE, Stenwall, R & Stjernberg, F 2023, Ramsey on Necessities to Assert and to be True. in J-M Chevalier & B Gaultier (eds), Le Sens du réel. Essais en l'honneur de Claudine Tiercelin. College de France, Paris.

Gruber, M 2011, Does Tarski's critique of the Redundancy Theory apply to all Deflationary Theories of Truth? in MI Crespo, D Gakis & G Weidman-Sassoon (eds), Proceedings of the Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference [2011]: Truth, Meaning, and Normativity. Amsterdam, ILLC scientific publications. Technical notes series, no. 2011, pp. 31-39.

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