Anne Le Maitre, PhD
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Le Maitre, A, Guy, F, Merceron, G & Kostopoulos, DS 2019, 'Macaque-like or baboon-like? What we learn from the bony labyrinth of Paradolichopithecus.', 9th Annual ESHE Meeting, Liège, Belgium, 19/09/19 - 21/09/19.

Le Maitre, A, Bienvenu, T & Brunet, M 2019, 'Spherical harmonics: a mathematical tool to quantify 3D shape without landmarks', Paper presented at GM Austria 2019 , Wien, Austria, 27/03/19 - 28/03/19 pp. 21.

Le Maitre, A 2019, 'Was Paradolichopithecus a macaque-like or a baboon-like primate? New clues in the labyrinth.', 46. Treffen des Arbeitskreises Wirbeltierpaläontologie in der Paläontologischen Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria, 15/03/19 - 17/03/19.

Le Maitre, A, Brunet, M & Bienvenu, T 2018, '3D shape quantification without landmark: using spherical harmonics to compare brain endocast morphology within extant hominoids.', Paper presented at 10th Symposium National de Morphométrie et Évolution des Formes, Bordeaux, France, 18/06/18 - 20/06/18 pp. 19.

Merceron, G, Thiery, G, Le Maitre, A, Guy, F & Lazzari, V 2017, 'Crunching record from the past: new insights on Mesopithecus.', Paper presented at 15th Congress of the RCMNS (Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy), Athens, Greece, 3/09/17 - 6/09/17 pp. 9-10.

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T: +43-1-4277-56710