APSE Talk by Joanna Malinowska


Upcoming talk of the APSE - lecture series

Joanna Malinowska (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Title: Where it hurts: Race, racialisation and racism in biomedical research

When/Where: 15.6., 15-17pm, HS 2H

If you are interested in joining us for dinner/drinks afterwards, write me email (sophie.juliane.veigl@univie.ac.at)! everyone welcome!

Abstract: My talk focuses on advocating for the application of the concept of racialisation in biomedical research and healthcare, instead of relying on the commonly used categories of race and ethnicity. I will examine the primary arguments for and against using race as a proxy for biologically relevant features. Furthermore, I will address the issue of essentialist interpretations of racism in medicine, using the example of racism directed towards and originating from Eastern Europeans. Finally, I will introduce a multileveled model that considers the different processes (epigenetical, neuronal, environmental, among others) affecting the racialisation of an individual.