APSE talk: Michela Massimi

November 23rd

Thursday, November 23rd, 3-5pm, HS 3A


The APSE Group is organising a talk on Thursday, November 23rd, 3-5pm in HS 3A. The speaker is Professor Michela Massimi (Univ. of Edinburgh, Department of Philosophy). The title and abstract are as follows:

"Epistemic communities and their situated practices"

I present the rationale, motivation, and some of the highlights of my recent book Perspectival Realism (OUP, 2022) by looking at how the realist question in philosophy of science can be reconsidered once a plurality of scientific perspectives is taken on board. I focus on the importance of situated practices for knowledge of modally robust phenomena as a way of re-orienting the debate on realism and also as a way of discussing rights and obligations associated with scientific knowledge.

Everyone is welcome!