DocWIP - “When Clocks Stop Working – Queer Temporality, Collective Continuance and Rhetoric-Epistemic Oppression” by Flora Löffelmann


The talk will take place on Wednesday, March 29, 16:45 at 3A, NIG.


In this talk, I will first introduce the power mechanism that I call “Rhetoric-Epistemic Oppression” (subsequently “REO”). In my PhD-project, I am interested in situations where a person is pressured, coerced or manipulated to fashion statements about their embodied situatedness according to socially prevalent norms and expectations. Building on Foucault’s notion of ‘productive power’ (1976) and accounts from social epistemology (Fricker 2006, Dotson 2014), as well as standpoint theories (Harding 1986, Hartsock 1987), REO is my attempt to describe how this pressure comes about. In the context of this talk, I will investigate how REO imposes chrononormativity on the experience of trans and queer people. To do so, I will subsequently argue that REO works to make invisible certain “fleeting moments” that are formative for queer and trans experience. Lastly, I will provide an account of how concepts of queer temporality (Halberstam 2005, Freeman 2006)  and collective continuance (Whyte 2020) could remedy some of the negative effects of REO.

Please let me ( or Flora ( if you have any questions or if you would like to present for the DocWIP yourself.

This will be the last DocWIP session until May 10.