philsci seminar - Denis Walsh

May 15

13:00, Raum 3A

Philosophy-of-science seminar by Prof. Denis Walsh (Univ of Toronto):

Title: Norms Are Like Colours: Naturalism and the Constitutively Perspectival

Abstract: Oughts—not just moral oughts, but biological oughts too—make a difference to the natural world. Certain events or regularities occur because they ought to; and their oughting to figures in an explanation of their occurrence. In this respect, normative properties look like natural properties. I attempt to locate norms in the nature. I draw on the recent work in perspectival pluralism to sketch an account of what natural normativity might be, and why it fails to show up in our usual scientific accounts of the world. Normative facts, I claim are constitutively perspectival facts. The category of the constitutively perspectival should not be problematic for the naturalist. Many phenomena we accept as natural—like colours—fall into it.

The seminar will take place in room 3A at 13:00 next Monday (May 15).

All welcome! Denis will be at the department all day on Monday. Please write to  if you'd like to talk to him.