Workshop: Varieties of Group Communication

January 11-12 2022

The ERC Project "The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency" at the University of Vienna is pleased to announce a workshop on VARIETIES OF GROUP COMMUNICATION to be held via zoom this coming January 11-12 2022.

Workshop Description: In recent years, philosophers have begun to push back against a traditionally individualistic picture of language and communication, exploring ways in which collectivities participate in our communicative practices.  The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers whose work engages with different facets of group communication, and who have made use of different methodologies and theoretical frameworks in doing so. The kinds of topics to be explored include (but are not limited to) group speech acts, co-authorships, artistic collaborations, as well as communicative and expressive acts that are directed at groups (i.e. those having groups addressees). In addition to foundational questions, we are interested in how to understand phenomena such as illocutionary silencing, uptake, sincerity, and deception in cases with groups as participants.


If you are interested in attending please register at the following the link by January 9 2022:

This event is organized by Grace Paterson and Herlinde Pauer-Studer. For questions, contact