Anti-Racism Week at the Department of Philosophy

The "Decolonizing" the Library lunchtime event has been rescheduled and will take place on 18.1.2024 from 1 to 3 pm.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Anti-Racism Week, a series of events that will take place from 21-28 November 2023, organized by the Anti-Racism Working Group* at the Department of Philosophy and the Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy.

21.11, 9:00-13:00, CTL Peer Seminar Room, 7th floor   

“How to Deal with Diversity in Teaching and Other Professional Situations”

Workshop with Zivilcourage & Anti-Rassissmus Arbeit (ZARA)

This training examines the topics of identity, diversity, attributions of self and others, and discrimination on an individual level. Differences and prejudices will be reflected upon, and strategies for dealing with diversity will be developed - without pointing fingers!

All Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend! Register at:

22.11, 15:00-18:15, HS 3D  

Wrong Passport Stories

Academic and Artistic Workshop

This artistic/academic workshop explores narratives of historical injustices and global inequalities that limit the opportunities and experiences of migrant researchers, particularly within European academia.

23.11, 13:00-15:00, HS 3A  

“Decolonizing” the Library

Lunchtime Presentation & Discussion (Bring your own lunch!)
with Birgit Athumani Hango of the Working Group, “Colonial Contexts in the University of Vienna Library”

23.11, 17:00-19:00, HS 2G  

Migration and Research

Pragmatic Academic Series

This session will explore the challenges faced by immigrant researchers and the need for policies to address them. Topics include integration challenges, institutional support, barriers, and international collaboration.

28.11, 16:45, HS 3C  

Edelweiss: A Critical Love Letter to Austria (DE/EN)

Film screening

EDELWEISS is a documentary about the harrowing realities of People of Color living in Austria. It depicts the perspectives of many People of Color with varying connections to Austria— some who call it home, some who have made it their home, and others who would never call it home.


More information about the events can be found at

* We define anti-racist action as raising awareness and dismantling normalized racist structures, policies, and attitudes. Our goal at the Department of Philosophy is to proactively address various forms of racism, colonialism, xenophobia, and exclusion in our collective contexts and to promote cultural change.

We look forward to enthusiastic engagement and fruitful discussions,

Your colleagues from the
The Anti-Racism Working Group