Work in Progress Series in Winter Semeser 2023

16.10, 06.11, 20.11, 04.12, 08.01. Always 13:30-15:00, 3A

We are happy to announce that the newly organized 'Work-in-Progress' presentation series is looking for presenters for the winter semester. The Work-in-Progress series—or 'WIP', for short—is a new event series organized by the Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy (VDP) in collaboration with Khôra: Plattform für Philosophische Diskussion and the Wiener Forum für Analytische Philosophie. The WIP will replace the DocWIP (Doctoral Work-in-Progress) presentation series that has been held in recent years.

The meetings of the WIP provide an informal space for post-doctoral researchers, doctoral researchers, and masters' students to present ideas, receive feedback, and socialize with their peers. It is designed to help build a close-knit philosophical community in which researchers can benefit from each other’s knowledge, support, and constructive criticism. The main difference between the WIP and the previous DocWIP is that presenters will receive feedback from a designated committee, in addition to audience feedback after their presentation.

Unlike previous years, there is now the possibility to receive one ECTS per semester for regular participation. The granting conditions are (a) attendance at a minimum of 5 events over the semester and (b) either one presentation as a speaker or the participation in at least two feedback committees. This applies only to doctoral students.

The WIP will take place on Mondays at 13:30 in 3A, before the Writing Evenings. Presenters will be given between 15 and 30 minutes for their presentation, depending on the time requested and the number of speakers scheduled. Each presentation will be followed by feedback from their respective committee and Q&A with the audience.

The WIP will meet five times over the course of the winter semester 2023–2024——October 16, November, 6, November 20, December 4, and January 8. Please find the calendar and information on how to present at:

The organizing team

Raphael Aybar
Adrian Fleisch
Martyna Meyer
Martin Niederl
Jackson Sawatzky
Sophie Veigl

General inquiries: