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Grisold, T, Lukitsch, O, Grisold, W (Hrsg.), Struhal, W (Hrsg.) & Grisold, T (Hrsg.) 2018, Taking an Epistemological Perspective on Advocacy. in Advocacy in Neurology. Oxford University Press.

Lukitsch, O 2014, Towards a Sensorimotor Account of Schizophrenic Self-disorders. in Proceedings of the MEi:CogSci Conference 2014. S. 42.

Lukitsch, O 2013, Shared Neural Underpinnings of Anticipatory Processes and Theory of Mind. in Proceedings of the MEI:CogSci Conference 2013. S. 89.

Minimal Self, Mineness, and Intersubjectivity

Christoph Durt (VortragendeR), Lukitsch, O. (VortragendeR)
8 Aug 2017

Aktivität: Science to ScienceVortrag

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