Dan Cristian Zeman, MA MPhil PhD

Aktuellmeldung: This summer I taught at two summer schools: Relativism in Philosophy and Politics, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik and European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information (ESSLLI 2018), University of Sofia.

In July I participated in the annual meeting of the Joint Session of the Aristotelain Society and Mind Association, University of Oxford.

In June I have presented the paper "How to Say When: A Reicenbachain Approach to the Answering Machine Paradox" (joint work with Agustin Vicente) at the CPA meeting in Montreal.

On May 16-18 I will be at the ALFAn conference in Villa de Leyva, presenting my paper "Minimal Disagreement".

On May 7-8, the workshop "Disagreement in Semantics" will take place at the University of Vienna. For more information, go here: https://danzeman.weebly.com/disagreement-in-semantics.html.

Bianca Cepollaro and I will edit a special issue of Grazer Philosophishce Studien titled "Non-Derogatory Uses of Slurs", to be published in 2019.

My research focuses on the semantics of "perspectival" expressions - predicates of taste, aesthetic adjectives, moral terms, epistemic vocabulry etc. I'm involved in the contemporary debate between contextualism and relativism about these expressions. Theories of speaker meaning and methodological issues such as the status of certain arguments (e.g., "the argument from binding", "the argument from disagreement" etc.) in current semantic debates are among my interests too. Recently, I became interested in the semantics of slurs and gender terms.?

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